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33 stylish men you MUST follow on Instagram

November 22, 2015

33 stylish men you MUST follow on Instagram

If you are a fashion and style lover, chances are that you're already following some of the most stylish men on Instagram: such as David Gandy, Carlos Costa and Blake Scott. However, there are an elite group of extremely dapper gentleman that you must follow for latest trends and exquisite style. We bring you a handpicked selection of stylish men from around the world. You won't be disappointed! Guaranteed! Oh, and don't forget to follow @birlinewatches on Instagram.


1. David Gandy

David Gandy_Birline

On Instagram: @davidgandy_official

Followers: 446k
Location: London, UK

2. Keymanstyle

On Instagram: @keymanstyle 
Followers: 25.3k
Location: Cologne/Germany


3. Travis W.

On Instagram: @trav_white_
Followers: 71.4k
Location: Houston, USA

4. Preston Konrad

On Instagram: @prestonkonrad
Followers: 26.3 k
Location: NYC, USA


5. Gwilym C Pugh

On Instagram: @gwilymcpugh

Followers: 68.7k

Location: London /New York


6. Adam Gallagher 

On Instagram: @iamgalla
Followers: 1.6 m
Location: Amangiri, Utah



7. Mr.Vince Lee

On Instagram: @mrvlstyle
Followers: 10.3k
Location: Los Angeles, USA

8. Sandro Is Free

On Instagram: @sandroisfree
Followers: 122k
Location: Germany

9. Yari Broccatelli

On Instagram: @yaribrock
Followers: 19.1k
Location: Italy

10. Philippe Gazar 

On Instagram: @philippegazarstyle
Followers: 128k
Location: Vienna, Austria

11. Carlos Costa

On Instagram: @roque_80
Followers: 152k
Location: London, UK


12. Umit Obeyd 

On Instagram: @umitobeyd 

Followers: 35.5k
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

13. Kim Andersson

On Instagram: @mr.anderssons
Followers: 49.1k
Location: Sweden

14. Manu Ordi 

On Instagram: @manuordi
Followers: 20.6k
Location: Arizona, USA

15. Federico Lapo Bonini 

On Instagram: @federicolapo
Followers: 20.5k
Location: Italy

16. Korey Francois

On Instagram: @koreyfrancois
Followers: 44.5k

17. Danilo Carnevale 

On Instagram: @danilocarnevale
Followers: 103k
Location: Italy

18. Blake Scott 

On Instagram: @blakescott_
Followers: 379k
Location: Los Angeles, USA


19. Tristan Cameron-Harper

On Instagram: @tristancameronharper
Followers: 20.8k
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

20. Mariano Di Vaio 

On Instagram: @marianodivaio
Followers: 4.3 million
Location: Italy


21. Louis-Nicolas Darbon

On Instagram: @louisnicolasdarbon

Followers: 109k

Location: Miami, USA /London 


22. Tomas Laso Argos

On Instagram: @tomaslasoargos

Followers: 51.4k
Location: New York, USA

23. Aleks Musika 

On Instagram: @aleksmusika
Followers: 132k
Location: New York, USA


24. Matthew Zorpas 

On Instagram: @matthewzorpas
Followers: 103k

25. Wak Doyok

On Instagram: @wakdoyok
Followers: 976k
Location: New York, USA

26. Perkens Bien Aimé 

On Instagram: @perkensbienaime
Followers: 44.7k
Location: Beverly Hills, California

27. Matthias Geerts 

On Instagram: @matthiasgeerts
Followers: 72.8k
Location: Belgium

28 .George D 

On Instagram: @atlasandmason
Followers: 64.1k
Location: Los Angeles, USA

29. Marcel Floruss 

On Instagram: @onedapperstreet
Followers: 254k
Location: New York, USA

30. Nickelson Wooster 

On Instagram: @nickwooster
Followers: 536k

31. Brandon Bryant

On Instagram: @wallstreet.paper
Followers: 19.6k
Location: New York, USA

32. Denny 

On Instagram: @denny623
Followers: 70.5k
Location: New York, USA

33. Stefano Tratto 

On Instagram: @stefanotratto

Followers: 662k
Location: Italy

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