Our story

Me (Alex) and Andy (the founders of Birline) we are two swedish people who met each other when we were living in Barcelona. I have just moved to London after having spent the last year working on an ultra-thin watch with a unique Harris Tweed strap. This started out as a search for the perfect watch: affordable, versatile and, of course, beautiful. Our disappointment with what was available led to the idea that we should design and make our own line of watches.

We knew this journey would be long but we also had good confidence in ourself and believed that we could do some good things, not only for ourself but also for you and everyone else.

Andy is a multitalented designer who has worked both with product design and clothing design for more than 15 years. He is used to starting projects from zero and overseeing them from beginning to end. Andy likes to work with unconventional materials in a novel ways that attract and surprise people, and when we stumbled on Harris Tweed we knew that we found something special. Harris Tweed is not only incredibly high quality but also one of the rarest fabrics. To find a new and fun use of this amazing fabric was both a challenge and a great reward. Quality fabrics and colors have always been a big part of his design and that is reflected in this very colorful new collection. 

We think colors let you express who you are and should change as often as your mood changes. You shouldn’t be stuck wearing brown or grey and that’s why Birline gives you the freedom to experiment with a rainbow of colors to match any occasion.

I (Alex) have had a large interest in watches since I was a child and I have been an avid collector for some time, owning many different watches throughout the years. Creating our own watch has been a dream from many years. When I was 17 I visited a Swiss watch manufacturer in Switzerland and got inspired by the craftsmanship behind making a quality timepiece. I have been working for many large companies but always wanted to create a product that is close to my heart and appreciated by others.

To crown our lifestyle we developed our own watch. A watch that can flip your style with a simple change, yet be a classic centerpiece to suit your lifestyle. We designed this watch with the spirit from our collective travels. The watch will always be there with us, always in line with our life, our style. We call it BIRLINE.

Andy Nilsson & Alexander Andersson
The Creators of the BIRLINE WATCH