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The French Rivera - Côte d'Azur

June 16, 2016

The French Rivera - Côte d'Azur

The heavenly blue coastline from Cannes and Manton is sprinkled with civilised luxury. Côte d'Azur is a glamorous Mediterranean playground and rivaled by few places on earth.

Once upon a time, this breathtaking stretch of South-eastern France shoreline was modestly dotted with harbours. By the turn of the 19th century, rolling hills began to flourish with urban sprawl. Before long, it had become a mecca for foreign aristocrats, elites, and even royals. It was a divine source of inspiration for Picasso, amongst other famous artists and writers of our time.

Today, the breathtaking beauty of the French Rivera exudes pure opulence, through a flurry of luxury hotels, high-end restaurants/bars, villas, and yachts. Côte d'Azur encompasses a number of thriving towns, each with its distinct character.


A bustling town blessed with both Italian vibrancy and French charm. Nice is situated in the East, nested between tremendous mountains and stretched across invitingly warm beaches.

Nice emanates big city buzz in the fresh sea air. Exploration leads to a seemingly never-ending supply of luxury bars, cafes, and boutique restaurants!


If you're looking for absolute indulgence, Cannes delivers more luxury, glitz, and glamour than you could imagine. The VIP nightclubs, fine dining restaurants, and fashion boutiques are among the finest in the entire region.

The beautiful Promenade de la Croisette leads you down to immaculate sand beaches where fresh cocktails will be served to your sun lounger. If you in town during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, you'll even get to taste of the red carpet film action!

St Tropez

 Photo Credit: Ryodo477

A jewel of the French Rivera, the iconic destination for playboy travelers of the world. St Tropez may seem deceptively quaint, but it’s home to the Rivera's wildest nightlife scene.

St Tropez is a playground for the world’s most rich and famous, it's impossible not to rub shoulders with trendy celebrities. Pampelonne beach is arguably one of the most relaxing. Their beach clubs offer champagne lunches while you gaze at the magnificent blue ocean.


Monaco oozes opulence and beauty, but the greatest allure is the iconic Grand Prix Race. Port Hercules is the venue for the most anticipated annual race event on the F1 calendar.

Drivers are honored to drive this track and battle ferociously for a victory here. The circuit is notoriously short and tricky, so drivers are tested to their limits. As a result, media interest is always at it's highest during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Chartering a yacht for during this event is a once in a lifetime experience. Few get the chance to enjoy the race action while anchored along this beautiful coastline.


A lessor-known town positioned on the outskirts of the Riviera, but one you would not want to miss. The small fishing port is bustling with small restaurants and quirky shops, overlooked by the mighty Cap Canaille cliff.

It’s also a gateway to the Les Calanques, an idyllic coastal inlet of white limestone and deep blue waters. Join rock climbers, hikers, and divers who are all magnetised this natural wonder. Otherwise, you can take a boat trip to see this unique beauty.

Côte d'Azur is one of the most prestigious destinations from around the globe. Enjoy a taste of the high life with helicopter transfers, gourmet cuisine, clubs, champagne, and caviar. Or simply bask in the exciting atmosphere, beaches or natural beauty - all of which are riches in themselves!

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