David Gandy - British Model, Fashion Icon, Man About Town

Stylish. Sexy. Smart. Just some of the words used to describe David Gandy, top dog on the international modelling scene for over a decade. But can he really have it all?

Ironically, his "big break" came when a friend secretly entered him into a modelling competition. Ever since then, Gandy has experienced stellar success. When waif-like androgyny was the rage for the male model, Gandy bucked the trend with his tall, muscular looks.

He was quickly snapped up for several high-profile Dolce and Gabbana campaigns in the early 2000’s. His fortunes improved even further when he paired up with Marks and Spencer, modelling, and subsequently designing one of their most successful intimates ranges. Style accolades rained down on him with enviable regularity, time and again his name appeared in the top ten of the best dressed and even most stylish men on the planet!

Not Just a Pretty Face

As if handsome looks and a body many would die for were not enough, Gandy has proved his worth in other challenging fields as a fashion blogger, a columnist, a racing driver, an app creator, a clothing designer, a public speaker and a passionate charity supporter.

So what is it that makes this boy from Essex such a fashion icon? What is it about the Gandy style which that has the design world at his feet? And, most importantly, how can we get what he’s got?!

Timeless Classics With Modern Appeal

Gandy uniquely pulls off traditional gent meets modern metro man. He will forever be linked to the classic three-piece suit, but he still likes to play with the look by cleverly and imaginatively introducing unusual accessories to keep the look fresh.

His suits are always of the highest quality, Savile Row tailors are top of his list, as are other great British designers. He favours clean cut lines with sharp, figure hugging tailoring and a single suit button to promote his masculine physique.

One signature Gandy move is to deliberately mismatch his shirt, waistcoat or tie in cheeky bold shades. It's a great way to individualise any look, but with total style. He's always careful to include enough neutral colours in his outfit, thus allowing the bursts of colour to add just the right level of interest without seeming over the top or showy.

Never Neglect the Finer Details

To perfect his twist on the classic British look, Gandy loves to play with accessories. He’s often seen wearing hats, be it a fedora, a trilby or a flat cap and as soon as there’s a glimpse of sunshine, the wayfarer sunglasses will be straight out. As for footwear, he’s a big fan of the dark brown brogue, perfectly buffed, of course.

He's also known to often rock a Birline Harris Tweed timepiece. Naturally, we are incredibly chuffed to have such an endorsement!

Kick Back and Relax the Look

When opting for a more relaxed look, Gandy does a great line in wearing soft leather jackets, often mixed with smart cotton trousers and a scarf.

Yet there’s no biker grunge to his leather look. The tailoring demonstrates his desire to ensure key piece always suit and fit his body shape – a lesson for us all.

When he’s giving the leather a rest, Gandy does a great line in carrying off cable knit jumpers and cardigans. Always in neutral shades and sometimes over a shirt and tie. Gandy has the enviable ability to rock knitwear without looking like a folk singer past his sell by date.

So how can you capture Gandy’s style recipe? Stick with timeless classics, but add bold or exciting twists. Don't be showy, but always stand out.

Whichever style Gandy is looking for, he effortlessly seems to hit the nail on the head, going where other fashionistas are afraid to go. No wonder he’s been named ‘the most famous male model to come out of Britain’. Quite the claim to fame if we do say so ourselves!

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