Dress Like James Bond - A Lesson in Sauve British Style

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, James Bond always manages to exude classic British elegance. His signature masculine style is timeless, as is his charm when it comes to the ladies.

Whether he's turning a dinner party into a shootout or relaxing on the beach with a glamorous Bond girl, he always appears effortlessly sharp. It wasn't long before men from all over the world began to see James Bond as classic British style icon.

You'll be glad to know that refining your style with a dash of Bond is neither difficult nor does it have to be costly. In fact, his minimalist approach can be easily achieved by going back-to-basics and following a few key principles.

First of all, forget about following fashion and trends. The allure of Bond is his style - agelessly classic with a hint masculine edge. His simple outfits are offhandedly worn, yet  somehow he never ceases to impress...

The Suit – Always Simple, Dark and Fits Like a Glove

Whenever Bond puts on a suit or tuxedo, his presence is greatly magnified. Yet this is not related to the cost or uniqueness of the design, it's the fit. His suits are always perfectly cut- tighter at the waist to emphasize the width of his shoulders and expose an attractive V-shaped torso.

So when your choosing a suit, getting the right fit must be your top priority. Head to the tailors and to make sure your jacket can be buttoned up at the narrowest part of your waist. Similarly, the shoulders should flow perfectly with your body to achieve the refined masculine look.

Colour wise, stick with dark classics of black or midnight blue. They offer the most versatility and will never look out of place. Also, make sure you stay away from patterns of any kind on your suit jacket or trousers. Faint patterns should only be used sparingly on accessory items such as bow tie or cummerbund.

Carefully selecting your fabric is also important. You need to strike a balance of function and form- too heavy and it will be uncomfortably hot and restrictive, too light and it will loose its shape easily. Try superfine wool and wool-blends, ideally between 9 and 11 oz.

The classic white shirt is also quintessential Bond, it needs to be brilliantly clean and crisply pressed. Always go for point or wing collar, but never button down. For the sleeves, single or double cuff both make excellent choices. Make sure you have a shade of sleeve peeping out of the jacket.

The Devil is Always in the Detail

While Bond’s formal style is not extraordinary bold, it's the finer details that make a great impact. Just make sure you don't let accessories or small details dominate the entire outfit. Use these details to add a delicate touch of elegance to your suit attire:

  • Choose a single-breasted jacket, it’s both flattering and functional. Shawl or peak lapels only. No vent or double vented.
  • Don't be afraid of switching your belt for suspenders. Just ensure they are nicely refined.
  • Consider adding a classic, neatly folded pocket square to your jacket with exactly 1.4” showing above pocket
  • Wearing a cummerbund or waistcoat can create a more seamless transition between shirt and pants.
  • Don't forget cufflinks, go for mother-of-pearl or small silver studs
  • Shiny black Oxfords are always a safe bet. Go for a basic style with thin lace ups, leather sole and a slightly defined heel.

Casual Rugged Style - Neutral Colour Palette

You’ve probably noticed that the casual look for Bond changes significantly over the years. But you should also notice that his clothes are never overpowering. You always see the man first and his outfit second. This simple fact allows his characteristic charm and personality to really shine through.

Stick to a palette of neutral colours, blacks, blues, greys, whites and tans. Not only are they classicly masculine, you'll also find it difficult to find yourself in a clashing getup.

Remember to tailor your casual style to the environment, such as linen fabrics for hotter climates. When it's chilly, you'll want to pick up a naval officer inspired peacoat such as worn by Daniel Craig in “Skyfall”.

You should aim to create a rugged silhouette as you piece together outfits. Everything should be the right length and in proportion to your body. Each piece must look perfectly in place and gel with the rest of your outfit. Get this right and even a pair of khakis and a slim fitting sweater can be used to achieve a killer look!

The Finishing Touch – An Exceptional Timepiece

You'll never catch Bond sporting meaningless accessories. Instead, he carefully selects what he wears based on function, refined style, and exceptional quality.

Thankfully, you need not shell out for a Rolex or Omega when you need a charming timepiece. In fact, our Harris Tweed Sheringham model fits the bill perfectly. It's elegantly understated and exceptionally classy, we're certain Bond would approve!