Five Watch Rules You Should to Be Breaking Today

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But style and fashion are most certainly fickle friends. Discerning watch wearers know this all too well when it comes to selecting a nice timepiece. Now it's time to break a few antiquated watch rules.

Certain rules are just dying to be broken. Especially when it comes to fashion and style. These stuffy old rules have become common lore over the last decade. But much like the fact we longer don obligatory pinstripes to work, the modern man can define himself in bold new ways.

1. You SHOULD Mix Up Materials and Colours

Old-time purists say that any watch worth its salt should be made from a single metal, material and colouring. However, if it's tastefully done, there's no reason why even gold and silver can’t cut a dash in the same watch. In recent years, conventional wisdom uniform colour and material have been left for dust, and it's been spreading across the entire fashion industry.

Even the Swiss, who usually err on the side of classic caution, have broken ranks with the highly regarded Audemars Piguet leading the way.

One word of caution, when mixing your metals it’s easy to have a taste bypass here. So keep your mixes cool and clever, unless 80’s bling is your thing. Check out our incredibly well matched Harris Tweed watches for inspiration.

2. It's NOT Always Swiss or Nothing!

Once upon a time, yes, this was true. The quality and craftsmanship of traditional Swiss watchmakers was once thought to be unsurpassable. As a result, their reputation remains amongst the world elite now. 

But in recent years, there has been no shortage of new kids snapping at their heels. Unusual, beautiful watches are coming out of the renowned design houses of Gucci, Hermès, Dior and Chanel with consistent regularity to a rapturous reception from those in the know.

The entire watch design need not be Swiss but when it comes to accurate and reliable watch movements, Swiss are still considered the Gold standard.

Birline offers a stunning range line of London inspired timepieces, with Swiss movements at their hearts. We're proud to offer a perfect synergy of quality hardware, innovative style and affordability.

3. Automatic DOESN'T Always Trump Quartz

Gone are the days where mechanical watches with their skilful cogs and gears were the only way to power a quality timepiece. Quartz technology has been quietly revolutionising the watch industry for quite some time now.


Precise and sleek, quartz is an arguably more reliable alternative that most certainly be worn with great pride. The Swiss may well be positioning mechanical watches as a superior choice using powerful marketing messages. Yet quartz watches, especially those created by the design powerhouses, still command serious attention and should never be considered inferior!

We've well and truly taken advantage of Quartz performance and slim form factors with our stylish collection.

4. A Man is NOT Judged By the Price of His Watch

While watch snobs may well look to the wrist first to establish the paycheck and social status of the wearer, this marker no longer holds water.

Nowadays, the lines are definitely blurring. Rather than investing an eye-watering sum on just one timepiece, the modern zeitgeist demands that a selection of fine timepieces is a superior approach. Thus, each outfit, mood and occasion can be effortlessly matched.

5. A Bigger Watch DOESN'T Equal a Mightier Man 

As per the old-school macho rules, the bigger the watch, well, you know. Yet nowadays, the modern man doesn’t need quite such an obvious statement to assert his masculinity. While the chunkier Diesel type models are enduringly popular, sleeker models are doing just as well, proving that less can most certainly be more. In fact, the Birline collection includes tasteful 40 and 42mm models for a superbly refined look.

So next time you are watch shopping, you can cast out the out-dated rule book and feel free to express your true personality. A beautiful, quality watch is a wonderful thing to own and to wear, make it your choice and yours alone.