Harris Tweed Accessories - Classic Embodiment of British Style

Even the most discerning wardrobes rarely contain items that have actually been meticulously governed by an Act of Parliament. A fabric prized so highly it receives strict preservation. From clothes down to accessories, Harris Tweed effortlessly add prestige and quintessential British charm.

The fabric's journey of creation alone is simply captivating. Only 100% virgin wool passes muster. This wool is then spun, dyed and handwoven using centuries-old traditions by skilled artisans of the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

This wonderful fabric was destined to be admired world-wide, beginning in London. Back in 1831, wily merchants recognised the potential and immediately began exporting it down to London. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tweed took the fashion scene by storm, quickly establishing itself as the fabric of choice for the style conscious upper classes. It remains an elite and highly sought after fabric to this very day.

Harris Tweed is an incredible fabric, soft to the touch yet durable enough to withstand the elements. Nothing less than you would expect bearing in mind the dynamic climate from which it originates. It's warm in winter, cool in Summer, easy to clean and quick to repair in the unlikely event that it should need it.

Remarkably, the fabric is receptive to a vast range of colourings, with over 4000 different combinations of weave and tone. From herringbone to houndstooth, tartan to plaid, pick your favourite in any number of beautiful natural tones.

This fabric has a real, honest provenance. There’s no factory processing or outsourcing to low-cost labour, Harris Tweed must always be authentic. Genuine articles are a timeless tribute to centuries of craftsmanship.

Essential Harris Tweed Accessories

Designers worldwide have fallen in love the versatility of Harris Tweed. The delicate hues and wonderful softness of the fabric is a dream to work with and weave into new beautiful creations. Not all of us are ready to rock a full Tweed jacket, but there are a number of fabulous Harris Tweed accessories for the subtle yet superbly styled gent.

Pediwear of England created ‘The Dowd’, a stylish two-tone derby which neatly juxtaposes a soft calf leather upper with a gorgeous Hebridean Harris Tweed. Complete with a wing toecap and punch hole detail, this is one of the finest examples of statement footwear.

Tweedleberry is another interesting design house who took Harris Tweed to new and exciting places. Their range includes card holders, scarves, belts, bags and these  stunning men’s gloves. A perfect fusion of functional super soft calves leather palms with beautiful Harris Tweed uppers in a range of beautiful colours.

Another accessory from Tweedleberry that caught our eye was their stainless-steel hip flasks. This classic drinking accessory for the distinguished gentlemen offers exceptional class thanks to a leather and Harris Tweed outer. Ready to be filled with a great British gin such as Tanqueray No.10!

Naturally, Birline's Harris Tweed range of watches gets an honourable mention. Featuring genuine, plush Harris Tweed straps, they are the epitome of suave style. Our collection mixes different watch casings with a range of coloured straps so there's a timepiece to suit every personality.

Brooks Brothers are another discerning design house who've taken this outstanding fabric to heart. Most notably, they've perfected the Harris Tweed briefcase. Featuring an understated green plaid with leather detail and a sturdy lining, it's perfect for a style-forward businessmen.

Taking a look at the DR Harris range, they offer an exceptional Harris Tweed washbag. With a bespoke country Tweed design, it's a perfect accessory for that country house weekend away.

For those looking to perfect the mix of classic and new-age, how about this exquisite Harris Tweed iPad case from Tartan Tweeds?

Next time your accessory shopping for quintessential British style pieces, look for Harris Tweed. Its timeless quality, rich heritage and eternal beauty will serve you greater than any other!