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Mallorca - Glimmering Mediterranean Jewel

August 25, 2016

Mallorca - Glimmering Mediterranean Jewel

Cultural haven and celebrity hotspot. Blessed with over 300 days of annual sunshine. White sand beaches, gorgeous scenery, and fabulous cuisine have been the making of Mallorca - a must-visit European destination for sun, sand and sea lovers.

While Mallorca was somewhat overdeveloped for the package holiday market in the 1970’s, its transformation during the last couple of decades is profound. Mallorca managed to neatly reposition itself as a cosmopolitan and sophisticated destination.

There's no shortage of celebrities who've fallen in love with the island, it's not hard to spot them out enjoying the high life. The rich and famous can also be seen taking to their spectacular yachts from Wellies Quay in Puerto Portals. Mere moorings in these prestigious waters would set you back a cool £1 million!

Want to kick back with a coffee, or something stronger? Head to Wellies Bar and Restaurant, the uber cool hangout on the marina. This is another perfect spot for watching the glitterati sail on by.

Soaking Up the Golden Sunshine

Without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest allure of Mallorca is its stunning coastline. Warm, azure seas lap the coast on over 200 sandy beaches, secluded rocky coves and inlets still waiting to be discovered. Es Trenc and Cala Mondrago beaches are highly commendable as is the picture perfect bay of Cala Torta, near Artà in the North East of the island.

Making a name for itself as one of the chicest places to hang out, Cala Torta boasts some of the finest of sand beaches crystal-clear waters for snorkelling. If you are feeling peckish, the grilled fish at the Cala Torta Beach Bar is sublime. Just make sure you rock up early to nab a table. Oh, and one word of warning, this beach is popular with nudists...

Culturally Rich City Life

If you can drag yourself away from those pristine beaches, you'll be pleasantly surprised to realise there is much more Mallorca has to offer. The capital, Palma, is built almost entirely using fabulous architecture, including the imposing Palma Cathedral Le Seu and the Castell de Bellvel.

If art’s your thing, only a few km's out from town is the former home and atelier of the famed painter, sculptor, and ceramicist Joan Miró. If you're hungry for culture, it's must see!

For Those With a Head for Heights

Heading towards the lush interior of the island is also well worthwhile. It's a dazzling drive up into the stunning Serra de Tramuntana which runs the length of the island. Awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2011, this spectacular mountain range is famous the world over.

Quaint traditional villages, hidden pools and vibrant hill towns await you. If you are feeling daring, why not hire a bike to tackle the zig-zag turns and hairpin bends, for a real adrenaline rush. Whatever your transport, make time for an afternoon sipping coffee in one of the many pavement cafes in Sóller along the route.

Whiling the Night Away in Style

Once the sun goes down, Mallorca appears to come to life once more. The choice of fine-dining restaurants, lounge bars, and lively clubs is jaw dropping. For a real piece of luxury, The St Regis Mardavall, is where you need to head. Beloved of The Rolling Stones, this gorgeous slice of the high life has the Michelin-starred Es Fum restaurant, a perfect place for a romantic rendezvous.

Yet, you can’t beat the fabulous setting of the Hostal Cuba and Skybar in Palma if you're looking for a great night out. Enjoy cocktails while marvelling at the view as the sun sets over the city. Later enjoy the DJ sets and live music. It's ideal if you're looking to chase a great day with a fantastic evening

As it turns out, Mallorca really does have it all. That is if you're after sun, scenery, culture and a vibrant nightlife! Why haven't you booked your ticket yet?

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