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The Return of Gold Watches – A Bold Dynamic Trend

July 21, 2016

The Return of Gold Watches – A Bold Dynamic Trend

What do gold watches say to you? Over-the-top rap-star bling, swaggering wrist wear of the Gordon Gecko Wall Street type, or a classic retirement gift for the older gentlemen? Well, it’s time to think again. Gold is proudly back on trend with fresh, youthful appeal.

Feted by the modern gentlemen’s style press, this much-maligned timepiece is back and kicking up a storm in the style world. Esquire has even claimed that wearers of gold watches appear to become a more mature, wealthier, worldlier version’ of themselves.

Gold is very much blazing its way back through the mainstream fashion world. Apple, who has been very successfully combining cutting edge style with technology, has even begun featuring gold models in their collection. Many fashion brands such as Armani, Micheal Kors and Patek Phillipe are also clearly embracing the new gold movement.

Overlooked Classics and Old School Charm

Vintage gold wristwatches have always maintained a certain cachet, but mainly for the older, more distinguished man. Awarded for a lifetime of corporate service and de rigueur for black tie formality, gold watches have always been popular for a certain demographic. The engraved gold timepiece became the hallmark of retirement presentations the world over.

After many years cast away within this fashion slump, vintage gold watches can still be snapped up for a song. For those getting in early, they make sound financial investments as they continually come back on trend. What’s more, you know they’ll always be worth their weight in gold, or more!

For example, a classic Rolex from the ‘70’s could set you back in the region of £3000, while you’d need to quadruple your budget for a new version. Or for a vintage WWII Patek Phillippe can be had for the best part of £6000, but for a new model, you’d need to double your outlay.

Since the younger, hipper crowd began to take notice of these overlooked classics, gold watches have been readily readopted by the fashion-forward. 

Out With Steel and in With Gold

In recent years, younger men have typically favoured steel or chrome watches as symbolic of an active and dynamic life. Speedmasters and Submariners oozed with appeal with their utilitarian, sporty and functional forms. Now, gold watches are back and leading the march for modern style.

The movement back towards gold watches is in part due to changing attitudes but also to innovative watch designs. Once upon a time, gold was limited to a certain genre; dress, smart and conventional. However, the new wave of gold watch styles has breathed new life into the men’s and women’s accessory world.

The uses for gold watches has become widely diversified. Interesting nuances can be added to the look by using unconventional straps, refreshing the timeless classic with a bold, new appeal.

Celebrating the Return of Gold in Style

The Sheringham Yellow Gold is just such a watch. Gold proudly adorns its slim design while remaining quietly understated. It also boasts an impeccable Swiss Ronda 1062 movement, topped with scratch-resilient sapphire glass.

But what truly makes this timepiece unique is the addition of the sumptuous Harris Tweed strap. The result is a highly distinguished look, excellent versatility and a fabulous new spin on the gold dress watch.

It’s clear the time has come for the discerning to gent to revisit gold wrist wear. The stereotypes, designs and attitudes of old are radically changing, with no sign of abating. Take notice, the future is glittering and it truly is gold!

Image Credits: The Idle Man, Bobs Watches and Me, Elle and You

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