Sailing in Style - Hitting the High Sea's or Coastal Cruising?

The distinctive salty aroma, a sensation of sea spray on your face as the wind blows through your hair and the majesty sails towering above you. Welcome to the world of sailing, it’s invigorating, stylish and compelling.

For a privileged few, the exciting world out on the ocean is the only place to live. Gracefully sailing around the world’s must-see destinations is a nirvana many and a reality for the daring.

There are limitless sublime destinations that might tempt you, from charming Grenadine Islands enticingly sprinkled across the Caribbean to the crystalline waters of the Croatian coast. Or how about the abundant marine life of Catalina Island? It would be all too easy to reel off a whimsical sailing bucket list.

Watch or Participate, Always To Savour

The sailing calendar is packed with exciting events, many of which draw the world’s finest crews to test their mettle against the marine elements and one another strength of will. Late Spring sees many of the finest sailing vessels taking to the waters for the Antigua Sailing week. But not only is the racing phenomenal but the partying is legendary.

Then a little closer to home, we there is the annual Cowes week in August, drawing crews of sailors from the world over for fine racing- a true spectacle to behold.

Other thrilling sailing events look forward to include the Sydney-Hobart, Rio Olympics and the Vendee Globe. Or perhaps the building intensity of the Louis Vuitton qualifiers as everyone waits in anticipation for the 2017 America’s Cup.

Nautical Style Epitomised

Whether you’re crewing during an intense sailing race event or leisurely sailing yourself through coastal bliss one thing is always for certain, sailing exudes prestige and style at all times.

The stylish yachting set has always been held in high regard within the fashion world, a sport to be enjoyed in nothing less than the very latest. The 2016/17 collections show clean, nautical lines are still continuing to trend. Navy, white and stripes are the quintessential sailing classics, working well on both land and at sea. The current sailing style still pays homage to the “Good Old Days” with a retro-modern appeal.

When it comes to accessorising this classic nautical theme, look no further than our High Beach in Silver. It’s a perfect timepiece to round off your look, both effortlessly stylish and enduring.

More subdued tones and fabrics are also a strong feature in the new collections. Nautica, a byword for nautical fashion, have taken the French Riviera as their primary inspiration this season. Featured heavily are stretch cotton Tacker shorts teamed with slim fit polos, linen shirts or long sleeve t-shirts. Casual style becomes comfort and style in perfect harmony. 

Taking to the High Seas

Those seeking more of an adventurous journey naturally find themselves sailing away from the harbour and coastline. Once out in the natural wonder that is the deep blue ocean, comfort, durability and perfect lines become key.

Helly Hansen has been kitting out bold sailors for well over 100 years. As one of the most trusted Scandinavian brand, they are always at the cutting edge of materials technology while never missing a beat of current styles. Their Coastal Cruising and Inshore Racing collections are well by performance driven sportsmen the world over. 

Another one to look out for is Quba Sails of Salcombe, Devon. They are well recognised by their distinctive sailing number motif features strongly throughout their collection. Their heritage British designer cleverly combines practical, rugged outerwear with a lighter, nautically themed look for when you step ashore.

Finally, no mention fashion and sailing would be complete without mentioning one the most iconic British designers Henri Lloyd. For over 50 years, Henri Lloyd has worked tirelessly to fuse innovative clothing technology with current style trends using a sense of classic timelessness. You’ve got to check out their fresh, relaxed yet sophisticated Summer collection.

If you’re planning on hitting the high sea’s, our mesh strapped Eclipse offers an excellent way to complete the look.

Wherever you set your course this season, whether for a thrilling or relaxing glide across the ocean, don't forget to do it in style!

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