Seasonally Styled – Essential Autumn Watch Guide

Autumn is a time of graceful transition. As the natural environment begins to change from summers to winter, we should also transition our style to suit. But there’s no reason to feel or dress gloomy, Autumn also brings an array of wonderful natural colours. As trees begin to shed their leaves, the once lush greens start to transform to muted yellow, orange, and other earthy tones.

Yet this transition goes further than just colour choices, the form and function of our wardrobe must also change. Daylight dwindles, dawn draws in faster and temperate cool. So we focus on wrapping up with layers to keep warm and dry.

As always, it’s essential we adapt our style to suit. Individualism, seasonal colours, mix and match combinations are all watchwords this season, so we’ve carefully crafted our watch range to suit. These are our most on-trend timepieces that afford the wearer innate style in an understated, yet wholly original way.

True Blue - The Taransay

Subtle and classy, the elegant blue face with gold numerals compliments the unique Harris Tweed strap in grey blue. Just as you’d expect from any watch from the Birline stable, the Taransay is built to last for many seasons to come. Its scratch-resistant sapphire glass front not only provides a beautiful finish, it’s robust and ready to be your new daily.

Fresh and Flecked - The Stanmore

The Stanmore is another excellent choice that affords your serious consideration for this season. Featuring a perfectly crisp and clear classic watch face, the Stanmore stands out proudly thanks to the flecked Harris Tweed strap. The layered Forest Green hue with hints of blue and gold is honestly magnificent to behold- durable, flexible yet beautifully soft on the skin. All in all, this makes for a highly versatile piece, working just as easily with jeans and a jumper as it does a well-cut suit.

Red, Vibrant and in the moment - The Oxshott

For those that like to make a bolder statement, or looking a special signature piece, the Oxshott makes an exceptional choice. It’s totally on trend with a Cranberry strap, Rose Gold body and white face. Reds are favoured by the 80’s revivalist theme that has been dominating the catwalks this season. The Oxshott is best described as a lively piece, it’s an engaging watch that is guaranteed to set you apart this season.

Beautiful Autumn Hues – The Carloway

The Carloway elegantly compliments the natural tones and shades of the Autumn season. Offering the greatest functionality and flexibility, it will never look out of place. This slimline timepiece is a timeless classic that will even sit comfortably under a well-fitted shirt cuff. If you’re looking for a watch that is subtle, stylish and of the moment, you need not look any further.

A Dash of Funky Orange - The Weybridge

If you're looking to add a striking splash of Autumn colour to your outfit, the Weybridge Rose Gold is just what you’ve been looking for. The classically acclaimed Harris Tweed strap boasts a spicy burned orange shade which perfectly combines with the classy eggshell white clock-face and stainless steel casing. The Weybridge is great for lovers of colour who are looking to add a funky twist their office look or brighten up casual outfits.

Classy Muted Tones – The High Beach (Silver Black)

One of our more recent additions to the Birline range, offering a nautical twist with a muted azure strap and matte black watch face. It’s a real statement piece, yet still remains remarkably subtle. The Silver Black adds just a splash of interest to your look without losing its classic and luxury feel. It goes without saying that quality is guaranteed, featuring a reliable Swiss movement crystal-clear Sapphire glass.

80’s Revivalists - The Oxshott (Silver Black)

The Oxshott in Silver Black the stable mate of the Oxshott Rose Gold, well worthy of an honourable mention. This particular variant offers the wearer a classically inspired twist while staying fun, modern and on trend with the Cranberry shaded strap. The ‘80’s has been offering much influence on the A/W ’16 design ranges and this lovely timepiece perfectly complements such looks. You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with this remarkable timepiece.

However you wish to adopt the current Autumn ’16 design trends into your personal style, Birline has something to offer every gent around town. The only question is, can you justify buying two?